Buy full size car cover or top half car cover for SUV protection?


Car top cover and full size car cover, which one is best for SUV protection in summer and winter? People may choose the kind of car cover they want based on they needs. If we do not compare with convenience on install, which one is best for vehicle protection?


We may compare SUV covers with SUV top half car covers from these respects, price, material, protect performance.


First, price

Price of SUV car cover starts at $65.99.

Price of SUV top half car covers start at $39.99.


Second, material

Material of SUV car cover and SUV car top cover is the same. They are all made of durable and stretchable polyester material. Not PEVA or PVC which is un-stretchable.


Third, protect performance

From descriptions of protect performance on product page, they are the same. Water Proof; Sun Proof; Snow Proof; Dust Proof; Wind Proof; Easy for Packing. But the protect scope is not the same. SUV car cover offers full protection. Front, back, and tire of SUV can’t be protected by top half car cover.