Which kind of car covers is in high performance-price ratio?

car covers Can you calculate how many kinds of car covers available in market? It is very difficult. Though some stores only offer a few kinds of car covers, it cannot stand for all kinds of covers. That is why there are many different prices of car covers. How to choose a proper car cover in high performance-price ratio for your car?

There are some standards on price of different kinds of car covers.

From $20 to $40, this is standard car covers. The main performance of this kind car covers is weather proof, dust proof and anti-UV. It main be used indoor. It also can be used outdoor, but it cannot waterproof. It can keep your car dry only in light rain outdoor.

From $41 to $80, this is elite car covers. It own all performances like standard car covers. And it also can resist water for car, keep car dry, keep car against heavy rain. But it cannot bear heavy storm in a long time. If your car parked outside nearly a week, and the heavy storm lasted in a week. It’s not sure your car still dry after those days.

From $81 to $150, this is deluxe car covers. This kind car covers is 100% waterproof in all condition.

From $151 to $300, this is top brand/ top grade car covers.

Material, technology, craftsmanship and service life of those kinds of car covers are not the same. The value of brand is different from each brand, so even in the same Material, technology and craftsmanship price of some kinds of car covers is not the same.

When you buy car covers, you should check the main performance of car covers you want. Then you can know the price range of car covers you should choose. For example, you have garage, you want to keep your car against dust and scratches from pets. Standard car covers should be your best choice. If you want to park your car outdoor, elite car covers and deluxe car covers should be in your mind. If you have no plan to exchange your car cover in 10 years, top brand, top grade car covers is a great choice for you.

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Descriptions and functions of MPV covers from Panda Cover store

Different sellers may use different kinds of descriptions to describe their car covers/ MPV covers. Sometimes descriptions depend on different functions of MPV car covers from different sellers. How do Panda Cover store describe their car covers on title, features of car covers and title in eBay stores of Panda Cover store?

How do Panda Cover store describe mini van covers on title?
In order to match up different consumers, different search habits, there are many different kinds of description on title and features of products.

Some kinds of titles only add the main performance or the main respect of cover. For example, if they describe their MPV car cover from performance, they may use those kinds of title, such as waterproof car cover, weather proof car cover, and water resistant car cover. If they describe their MPV car covers from their applicability, they may use those kinds of title, MPV car covers fit for Honda (Yamaha, Ford mustang, Chevy, Buick, Toyota, etc).

Some kinds of titles are contains many words that long and mixed performance and applicability, type, etc. Such as “Weather Protection Breathable Waterproof car cover MPV cover minivan cover fits for Honda, Yamaha, Ford mustang, Chevy, Buick, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen, Suzuki, Pontiac, Nissan, Mazda, Lexus, Infiniti, Hyundai, Acura, etc.” Car brands

How many functions of MPV covers from Panda Cover store?
When MPV covers protect your MPV, it reduces the times of your car’s paintwork in spring, summer, autumn and winter. MPV covers/ mini van covers were made of breathable 190T polyester taffeta material with PU coated, these covers will protect your car from UV rays, Rain and Wind, Smog & Dust, Snow and Ice, scratches, etc. Elasticated for a excellent fit these duvets weigh lower than four kilos so are simple to slide on even supposing you’re by yourself. Quality MPV covers from Panda cover store won’t scratch the paint of your car.

Pay attention on some respects on install and take off MPV covers
When you use Covers, please pay attention on those respects. First of all, be positive that the automotive is dry and free from little stones ahead of you place the cover on. These covers are waterproof against rain. However if water acquires on a flat surface or dip for any length of time, as with most subject materials some water may just seep thru. Do not tug your car cover. Do not pull your car cover too hard. Even top grade high quality car covers will be destroyed by frequently tugging.

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Top 10 luxury cars, Swiss treats from the recent 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Did you pay your attention on 2012 Geneva Motor Show? There are some luxury cars model attracted much attention. The most luxurious and technically advanced automobiles are from Bentley, Bugatti, Mercedes, Ford, Hyundai and others.

Bentley EXP 9 F Concept
Ettore Bugatti once accused Bentley of building “the world’s fastest lorry,” and now it shall. Bentley unveiled the EXP 9 F Concept, the Mulsanne of speedwagons, sporting a twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 engine, all-wheel drive and an eight-speed transmission. Acres of wood, leather and Bentley style are sublime. Expect prices to top $200,000.

Ford Fiesta ST
Ford’s great little Fiesta is soon to be made better with a sporty ST edition. Previewed in concept form at last year’s L.A. auto show, the ST rolled into Geneva ready for dealerships – likely to include North America. A sport-tuned suspension, 1.6-L EcoBoost engine and 0-to-60 mph run under 7 seconds should light a fire in enthusiasts.

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe
While Mercedes and Audi build second-generation four-door coupes, BMW busts out with its first. The 6 Series Gran Coupe is recognizably BMW from its clean curves to a tight leather-lined cabin. Occupants enjoy the Bang and Olufsen audio system, Night Vision camera and heads-up instrument display.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Launched by Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, the A-Class will put a front-drive subcompact into Mercedes showrooms. Stateside, the car will compete against the Audi A3 and MINI Countryman. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine will help MB meet rising fuel economy standards. Expect prices to begin comfortably under $30,000.

Hyundai ioniq Concept
Hyundai chose a hawk-doored hatchback to showcase its range-extending electric-vehicle technology. Electric motors and lithium-ion batteries provide a range of 74 miles before the 1.0-liter three-cylinder gas engine starts. The interior is loaded with communications and safety tech, but carries four passengers in deep comfort.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible
Somebody at Land Rover covets a Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet, but the Evoque Convertible Concept is much better executed. Based on Land Rover’s hot new crossover, the convertible seats four in upscale digs. The Roll Over Protection System protects passengers should the worst occur. This concept definitely deserves to set seats to sunlight.

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept
Perhaps in a case of Acura and Lexus envy, Infiniti rolled out a high-tech 402 horsepower mid-engine supercar. Dubbed Emerg-E, the gorgeous coupe is powered by twin electric motors and lithium-ion batteries that give it a 30-mile range before a three-cylinder range-extending gas engine kicks in. Infiniti claims runs from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse
Nothing drops jaws like a 1,200-horse open-top Bugatti. Caving to well-heeled buyers, the supercar builder inserted a targa panel into the Veyron Grand Sport – all the better for experiencing a 0-to-62 mph romp of just 2.6 seconds and 255 mph top speed. An 8-liter quad-turbo W16 engine, active aerodynamics and indulgent interior are standard with a price that tops $2 million.

Nissan Invitation Concept
Meet the cool subcompact Nissan should have given us instead of the Versa. Available in Europe next year, the car is designed to accompany the micro-size Micra and Juke crossover in showrooms. Interiors are roomy and Nissan’s Around View Monitor enhances safety. Please, Nissan, extend this car an invitation to visit America.

Chevrolet Cruze Wagon
Chevrolet keeps tempting us with forbidden fruit that won’t be sold domestically, and this is one we should demand. As a more versatile wagon version of the popular Cruze, the European car is powered by 1.4-liter turbo gasoline, 1.7-liter diesel and 2.0-liter diesel engines. At least we’ll get a diesel later this year in the popular sedan.

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Five focuses on New York Auto Show

There are five car brands and their company events attracted a lot of attention in New York Auto Show. There are Toyota, Fisher, Chevy, Volkswagen and General Motors.

Toyota prices 2013 Scion FR-S at $24,200 [Toyota] After a dealer document leaked onto the web, Toyota confirmed Wednesday that the 2013 Scion FR-S sports car would start at $24,200 for the six-speed manual, with Scion asking $25,300 for the automatic. Subaru hasn’t yet announced the pricing for the companion BRZ coupe, but has warned that its supplies will be limited. Dealers, start printing those markup stickers now.

Fisker to reveal Nina concept in New York [Fisker] The auto industry’s most interesting start-up will reveal its next plug-in hybrid model and provide a business update on the eve of the New York Auto Show. The Fisker Nina is a smaller model than the troubled Fisker Karma, and expected to use a BMW engine as a range-extended electric vehicle — if Fisker can find the money to engineer and put it into production.

Chevy to reveal Impala, Traverse in New York [General Motors] GM teased yesterday this picture of the long-overdue update for the Chevy Impala, America’s rental sedan of choice, which is expected to emerge from a GM factory next year. (It’s going to remain front-wheel-drive, and move upscale to stop living in the Malibu’s shadow.) Chevrolet will also show off a refreshed version of its Traverse SUV, while Buick’s set to take the cover from a similarly updated Enclave.

Volkswagen adding 800 workers in Tennessee for Passats [AutoNews] Volkswagen’s march toward world dominance appears to be paying off in the United States, where it’s adding a third shift to its Chattanooga plant for additional output of Passat sedans. Scuttlebutt around the industry suggests VW could add a second model to Chattanooga to further boost sales, likely some kind of Passat-based SUV.

GM to keep Australian presence for 10 years, wins subsidy [Bloomberg] The Australian government will give General Motors’ Holden unit a $288 million subsidy in return for a commitment to keep building cars in the country for another decade, while spending more than $1 billion on developing and producing new models. GM executives had warned that without government aid, the rising Australian dollar would make it too expensive to keep building and designing cars there, no matter how cool they are.

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2013 Ford Mustang GT review

Do you own one model of Ford Mustang? Ford Mustang series become more and more popular. The new model Mustang, 2013 Ford Mustang GT has now drawn general attention. ”The new Mustang is the perfect example of continuing to build on excellence. It takes the greatness of the 5.0-liter and V6 and pushes the refinement to the next level. The car has been spot-on functionally and now we’re adding more features and technology to further improve the driver’s experience.”Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer, this is what he say about 2013 Ford Mustang GT.

More aggressive design
The new model Mustang, which goes on sale in spring 2012, offers a more aggressive design with a significantly more prominent grille. A more powerful splitter adds to that appearance. Functional heat extractors on the hood of the GT were specifically placed and designed to help move hot air out of the engine compartment and cool the engine.

“We are delivering a more distinctive and emotional design presence that celebrates the total performance of Mustang,” said Darrell Behmer, Mustang chief designer. “This latest Mustang design is very respectful of its heritage while continuing to look forward with a more powerful and modern look.”

Rocker panels running along the car are now body-color, making for a more premium appearance. The rear has been updated with a high-gloss black panel that connects the taillamps. Keeping the sequential turn signal Mustang is known for, the taillamps also deliver a smoked appearance that matches the more purposeful look up front.

Also new for Mustang design are standard high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps on both V6 and GT cars. Signature lighting plays into the technology upgrades for 2013 as well, with two individual light-emitting diode (LED) bars accentuating the front headlamps and three LED ropes forming the iconic three-bar rear lights.

The new Mustang offers a revamped wheel lineup, ranging from the standard 17-inch wheels for V6 all the way up to 19-inch optional wheels on the GT and V6 Performance Package. With updated designs, the wheels also offer new finishes and touches for a more powerful appearance.

There are two different finishes on the 17-inch wheel – machined-aluminum and painted. Three optional V6 wheels include an 18-inch polished aluminum set, an updated 18-inch painted aluminum and a 19-inch painted wheel design, with a new theme for the V6 Performance Package.

The standard 18-inch painted aluminum wheel on both GT and premium GT is an evolution of the five-spoke design. The 19-inch optional GT wheel comes with a gloss-black finish with machined face for a more sinister look.

The new car also offers mirrors with pony projection light, which casts the image of Mustang’s famous pony emblem on the ground when the unlock button is activated. New colors – Deep Impact Blue and Gotta Have It Green – join the existing sporty colors for 2013.

Also new on V6 and GT are optional leather-trimmed or cloth Recaro® seats that are currently available on the Shelby GT500 and Boss 302. Designed to enhance the high-performance driving experience, lateral bolsters in the cushion and seatback are used to ensure drivers have the support needed on the track during hard cornering and to deliver a comfortable ride.

The seats also come complete with integrated head restraints with ample room for drivers and passengers wearing helmets when at the track. Openings on the seatback are included for customers looking to create performance setups for their car on track days. The Recaro seats are the result of a global team effort led by SVT along with the Mustang engineering group in North America, Team RS in Europe and Recaro.

New driving technologies
The 2013 Mustang with 5.0-liter engine will now deliver 420 horsepower. Based on learnings from developing the high-output 444-horsepower Mustang Boss 302, the team was able to adapt several of the designs to the 5.0-liter.

The new Mustang can be specified with a six-speed SelectShift Automatic™ transmission. This advanced control strategy offers the driver a choice between fully automatic operation and manual control. The system is controlled with a selector button on the side of the shifter. The shifter has been upgraded for 2013 with more modern style and improved accessibility.

“This lets owners take an automatic out on a track day or whenever they want to drive sportier, and lets them have the convenience of switching to manual control,” said Tom Barnes, Mustang vehicle engineering manager. “It’s a significant improvement to our powertrain offerings that lets the driver take control.”

This capability makes the Mustang experience sporty yet smooth. Unlike some competitors’ transmissions, SelectShift won’t second-guess the driver with an override shift. With SelectShift, manual control is truly manually controlled.

A new option, the GT Track Package, debuts for 2013 for customers who want to push their Mustang even further at the track. Available only on manual GT Mustangs with a 3.73 axle, the package gives track enthusiasts an engine cooler, upgraded radiator, performance friction brake pads and the same Torsen® differential that’s on Mustang Boss 302. The package includes everything in the current Brembo™ Brake Package, with 14-inch vented front discs, unique 19-inch alloy wheels and summer performance tires.

Other optional package updates for 2013 include offering the Brembo Brake Package on both manual and automatic transmissions on Mustang GT. The V6 Performance Package is now available on automatic Mustangs for the first time.

Hill start assist makes its debut on manually equipped Mustangs. This feature helps keep the car from rolling backward, making it easier to pull away when on a slope or hill. With the brake pedal pressed, if sensors detect the car is on a slope, the system is automatically activated. Brake pressure is held in the braking system and the car remains stationary on the slope for up to two seconds after the driver releases the brake pedal.

A new 4.2-inch LCD productivity screen that lets customers access information related to fuel economy and vehicle performance also makes its debut on Mustang. The screen is navigated through a five-way control button located on the steering wheel and offers Track Apps, which delivers performance metrics for drivers right from the factory. The app measures g forces, shows acceleration times in quarter-mile and 0-60 increments, and displays braking times, complete with automatic and countdown starts.

The 2013 Mustang also offers customers two new audio systems for even better sound quality for incredible clarity and crispness. The optional Shaker™ system comes with eight speakers and pumps out 370 watts of power. The upgraded Shaker Pro offers nine speakers and delivers 550 watts of power.

The 2013 Ford Mustang will be built at AutoAlliance International Plant in Flat Rock, Mich.

(Resource: autospectator.com, ford.com and yahoo auto news. Reprinted by www.thepandacover.com who call for car protection by car covers. And it is specialized to offer quality car cover.)

How do harmful elements destroy your car?

Do you know how do harmful elements destroy your car? Car is a big investment for all people. No one wants to see any broken on it.

First of all, let us know off what harmful from dust. Whether indoors or out, when dust sits on your paint it turns abrasive and causes minute scratches. By the time you notice them, it’s already too late.

Do you know what kind of damages will be made by birds on your car? First kind of damagers is scratch. If some delicious food is on your car surface, birds will peck it by their hard beak. It may scratch your car. Second kind of damagers is from its droppings. Our fine feathered friends seem to have impeccable aim when it comes to leaving their droppings on our vehicles.

What kind of harmful from trees and similar things? The shady spot under a tree may look like a welcome spot to park your vehicle. However, with nuts, berries, sap, pollen, not to mention the roosting birds, parking under a tree can wreak havoc on your vehicle.

car covers What can car covers do for you when you meet those conditions?

If you cover your car by car cover, both indoor car cover fabrics and outdoor car cover fabrics are designed to keep dust away from the surface of your vehicle. Outdoor car covers catch bird bombs before they splatter against your paintjob. Plus, the majority of outdoor car cover fabrics are not harmed by the dropping’s acidity outdoor car cover fabrics. A car cover can help keep your vehicle cool, even in the sun. Or, if you do park under a tree, a car cover can safeguard your vehicle from the onslaught. car cover can offer best protection for your parked car.

Standard Car covers from Panda cover store suit different place. You can use it as indoor car cover and outdoor car cover. It will help you to get rid of troubles from all harmful elements.

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Mercedes-Benz R-Class sales ending in USA

Luxury SUV, Mercedes-Benz will stop selling its $50,000 R-Class wagon in the United States — but keep building the luxury people hauler at its Alabama plant for Canada, Mexico and China, where demand continues to grow. Weren’t we just writing about how Americans can’t get wagons sold everywhere else in the world?

Mercedes spokesman Chrisitan Bokich confirms to Motoramic that there will be no 2013 R-Class sold stateside, which comes as no surprise to Mercedes’ U.S. dealers, which had moved fewer than 300 copies through March and will have to work through the inventory on hand. With Mercedes’ trio of SUV models — the M-Class, GL and GLK — all doing booming business, R-Class sales have shrunk “to the extent that we can no longer make the business case for continuing to offer the R-Class,” Bokich said.

Yet that’s not the case in foreign markets, where a combination of more expensive fuel and different incentives on vehicles makes car-like wagons with diesel engines better options than tall SUVs. So Mercedes will continue to produce the R-Class through 2015 at its Tuscaloosa, Ala., when it’s expected to replace it with a more sleek model related to the M-Class. And those of us who want to think Americans would pick wagons over SUVs if just given a decent model will have to find yet another excuse.
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Customer Reviews show time: reviews on car covers

It is a pity that only 3 customers owned the covers gifts from last month promotion events. Most reviews are less than required words. But there are really wonderful reviews that worth to read. Two reviews on car covers will be shown today. First review got the covers gifts; second review got a key chain as gift. All gifts sent together with their new order.

car covers Harris S. bought covers 2 times from Panda Cover store. First time the covers he bought is garden table cover and grill covers. Second time the cover he bought is car cover. This review is on car cover he bought. How did he feel on car cover he bought at second time?

“I purchased this cover for my Chrysler because of the birds and trees around my driveway. A good wax job can be ruined by crap and sap in one day. I ordered the mid-size because the 300M is a mid-size. The box says I should have ordered a full-size but the mid-size fits like a glove, almost like it was custom-made for my car.
At first I thought having the bag attached to cover was a bad idea, but it does help quickly identify the inside rear of the cover and facilitates putting the cover on. And the bag easily tucks under the cover.
Putting it on is a little tricky with a rounded roof line. I line it up from the rear and pull forward from the front keeping it in the middle of the roof.
I know from previous experience that this type of material can tear when you try to remove it if it gets wet and freezes to the vehicle. I gave this cover full score for the great fit. “

We received car cover review from Roger Brown last week. This is also the second order from Roger Brown. We sent a gift (a beautiful key chain) for his review together with his new order 2 days ago. Details reviews show below, thank you for reading.

“I should have bought the one for a compact car. I thought of my five passenger car as mid size, especially after seeing some of the offerings (midget?). But I already owned a motorcycle cover from the same people and it has been really great. I like the car cover and I think I could recommend it. Though I do think that you should consider your car rather smaller than you probably think of it. I’m using two ropes to tie mine on and that works rather well. It’s more secure in the wind in either case. Using this cover can prevent the excessive sun damage that Arizona sunshine does to a good car.”

Though promotion events are over, we still ready some gifts waiting for wonderful reviews.

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Toyota Lines Up For the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Toyota Lines Up For the Goodwood Festival of Speed has announced at Goodwood House, in Sussex, from 28 June to 1 July. It is reported by Honest John from HonestJohn.co.uk.

Toyota’s groundbreaking TS030 Hybrid race car will be making its UK debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, arriving fresh from its first appearance in the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The all-new sports car will be one of the must-see attractions at this year’s event, with Toyota Racing’s British driver Anthony Davidson set to show off its turn of speed on Goodwood’s famous hill course. The TS030 Hybrid sustains Toyota’s long heritage of competing at the highest level internationally, while also demonstrating how its world-leading efficient hybrid power technology can be developed to meet the extreme demands of the race track.

The TS030 Hybrid heads an impressive line-up representing the strength-in-depth of Toyota’s modern racing machinery. Flying the flag for the best of British motorsport, Frank Wrathall will return in his Dynojet Racing-prepared Toyota Avensis touring car. True to this year’s festival theme of “Young Guns – Born to Win”, 25-year-old Wrathall was one of the sensations of last year’s British Touring Car Championship, racing to four podium finishes in his rookie season and winning the hearts of legions of fans who voted him BTCC driver of the year in an on-line poll.

Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s established racing and performance partner, will be back at the Festival of Speed with its race-prepared Lexus LFA and GT86, both of which are due to be competing once again in the gruelling Nürburgring 24 Hours in May.

The GT86 – in road-going guise – will also figure as one of the leading attractions of the festival’s Moving Motor Show, which neatly coincides with official UK on-sale date for Toyota’s full-blooded return to the sports coupe market.

Toyota expects to announce details of further vehicles and famous faces for the festival in the coming weeks.

If you want to know more detail information on The Goodwood Festival of Speed, please visit www.goodwood.co.uk/festival-of-speed.

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Audi will Buy Ducati

Audi will Buy Ducati, this news is from carmagazine.co.uk via autoguide.com.

German automaker Audi is reportedly in exclusive discussions with Invest industrial to acquire Ducati.

British automotive publication CAR Magazine cites high-level sources within Audi in reporting the car maker has won first dibs to negotiate a deal. Audi reportedly has until mid-April to decide whether to buy out Ducati.

Investindustrial is reportedly asking for a billion Euros (US$1.3 billion) for Ducati but Car reports Audi is offering just about 850 million Euros (US$1.1 billion) while agreeing to pick up the tab on Ducati’s billion dollar deficit (estimated at about almost 800 million Euros).

Audi is a member of the Volkswagen Group, with VW owning a 99% stake. The Group’s Chairman Ferdinand Piech is reputedly a big Ducatisti with several Ducs in his garage, and Ducati fits nicely into the Group’s other properties. Rumor has it Piech once had the chance to purchase Ducati for just 1 euro (again, while assuming its debts in the process).

If negotiations between Audi and Ducati fall through, there are other potential suitors out there. India’s Hero MotoCorp is reportedly interested in acquiring Ducati while Mercedes-Benz‘s performance arm AMG has also been linked, thanks to its cross-promotional sponsorship deal with Ducati and its MotoGP team.

(Resource: carmagazine.co.uk via autoguide.com, reprinted by www.thepandacover.com, who advocate parked motorcycle protection by car covers, and focus on improving performance of car cover.)